Greg   (on line sessions from Warwickshire)

I have spent 45 of the last 51 years of my life riven with acute anxiety and subsequent bouts of chronic depression. I have had years of my life lived through a fog of various medications and therapies that did absolutely nothing for me despite my best intentions. life has been a struggle in nearly all aspects.

then i was introduced to Octavia. i am happy nay stunned to say that for the first time i can see a future for myself where previously i saw none. with knowledge humor and citing empirical evidence Octavia has given me the tools to deal with all the aspects of my life both professional and personal. Octavia is a very warm and engaging therapist who i was happy to share all aspects of my life without fear or ridicule. 2020 has been an awful year for most of us but i end it with genuine hope for the future i didn't think i could have. I am excited that the knowledge Octavia has imparted to me is going to be applied in all aspects of my life both psychological and physical.

if you are reading this you are half way there to a better future. Octavia will give you the knowledge to help you the rest of the way.

Yvonne (on line sessions)

I came to see Octavia to help with my sleep problems. I had relied on sleeping pills for many many years to enable me to sleep. During our sessions i learnt how to relax and focus on moving forward thinking positively. I was quite quickly sleeping better and i have been completely of the sleeping pills since session 5. if you have problems with your sleep i highly recommend seeing Octavia to get your life back on track.