"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just to take the first step" 

Martin Luther King Jnr.

Anxiety and stress

Stress and Anxiety are everywhere at the moment and within the current climate it is at tipping point for many people. We all live our lives with a certain amount of stress and this can sometimes be beneficial to us.

However, when this stress builds up to a level the body cannot naturally deal with it starts to be destructive, causing symptoms such as insomnia, panic attacks, irrational fears and phobias, PTSD, OCD and physical issues such as IBS, migraines, or the inability to think straight.

When stressed, the body goes into a state of 'fight or flight' because the brain recognizes stress as a warning of danger. Our response to this 'fight or flight' state is often anger, anxiety, depression or other health problems.

Hypnotherapy enables you to calm your 'fight or flight' response, allowing you to get back control and achieve the things you want to.


Signs of depression include:

  • Loss of pleasure in the things you used to enjoy

  • Disrupted sleep patterns

  • Tearfulness

  • Sadness 

  • Difficulty making decisions, thinking and concentrating 

  • Loss of motivation and energy

Hypnotherapy can help you find the positives in your life again, enabling you to achieve the things you want to achieve.

Insomnia and Sleeping issues

PTSD can be debilitating . Many of us are aware that service men and women struggle with PTSD, But PTSD can come from any trauma, a car accident , making life or death choices (NHS through covid) , Witnessing a trauma. These traumas play over and over in the mind, in fact they are stuck in the pre frontal cortex, the brain then thinks you are in danger at all times and continues to remind you of the fact .

Hypnotherapy enables the brain to file the memory away in the correct part of the brain so the flash backs stop. As you can imagine this can change peoples lives . i am Trained in the MUSS REWIND  that has has fantastic results and is currently being used for the NHS frontline staff.

Most clients (90%) of clients who come for hypnotherapy have some sort of issues with their sleep, from insomnia , waking in the night or just rubbish quality of sleep. Sleep is vitally important to health and well-being and many people struggle with it. Our sleep can be disrupted by over-thinking or stress and anxiety - stopping us from getting to sleep or waking us in the night.

Hypnotherapy will enable you to get your sleep and its quality back under control. In fact it is usually the 1st thing that changes for a client and then enables so much more to happen.

Horse riders confidence

As a horse rider myself i understand the way a rider can loose confidence sometimes for no apparent reason. I see a large amount of riders from people who are struggling to get on, through to professional grand prix riders. some have had a specific accident others are not sure why things have changed.


I work with the riders enabling them to move forward realizing goals. I do believe having a good instructor who can work with you on the ground is the best combination so they can get that part of the partnership performing correctly and i work with your mind getting you thinking correctly. please see the Testimonials page for reviews from riders.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive disorder include hoarding, obsessively checking and rechecking things to the extent OCD starts to take over your life and is beyond your control.

Hypnotherapy enables you to take back control, reducing the anxiety levels, focusing on what you want to achieve to make OCD a thing of the past. 


There are two types of Phobias

Non-specific phobias 

For example, Claustrophobia or Agoraphobia (fear of enclosed or open spaces) where a person avoids shopping centres ,cinemas, concerts and could could grow to the extent that you are unable to go out at all.

Often a person with a non-specific phobia will have high levels of anxiety. We address the anxiety levels first, enabling you to get control back in your life.

Specific phobias

These are often connected to a specific activity or object - eg flying, buttons or spiders. You are not normally affected in your day-to-day life unless you come across your phobia. The brain has at some point decided that the phobia is a threat and programmed the fight or flight response to kick in if it is encountered.

With hypnotherapy we enable you to reprogram the pattern in the brain in a gentle and easy way, so the next time you encounter your phobia the fight or flight doesn't kick in - putting you back in control.

Sports performance and Equestrian performance

Hypnotherapy can help your physical control and mental concentration . It can help you achieve your goals by enabling you to visualize what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. To achieve anything we firstly need to be able to visualize it - then we need to believe it so we can ultimately achieve it.

In the equestrian world our horses are so in tune with their riders that they can detect when the rider is anxious or nervous. Hypnotherapy can help everyone from the 'happy hacker' to the 'elite rider', helping you focus on your motivation and concentration. Being in control of our anxiety and our focus can be the difference between achieving our goals or standing still. As a rider all my life I have a deep understanding of the experience and needs of horses and riders.

Headingff 6Fer

Hypnotherapy is like a reset button for ladies who are peri menopause and menopausal reducing the symptoms and enabling you to get on with your life rather than the symptoms stopping you. We can't stop the menopause but reducing the excessive symptoms can make the world of difference. Mood swings, Anger, Motivation, memory Stress are just a few of the things that come hand in hand with menopause. 

Weight management

1st question I always get asked is "can you make me loose weight?"   sorry but the answer is No I cant ... but  what it does do is it enables the brain to change its attitude to food. Hypnotherapy can help you take back control, enabling you to focus on the things you want in life, thus enabling you to be in charge of how you eat. the choices you make.

This can work very well alongside a slimming group or weight-loss program, helping you to stick to your goals without self-sabotage.

What I have had happen many times is by working on reducing your stress or anxiety, without focusing on food, clients start to loose weight and make much healthier choices that carry on long after we finish our sessions.

Fertility with Acupuncture

Many Fertility issues are related to stress and worry. With solution focused hypnotherapy we can reduce your stress levels putting you in the best position to get pregnant with the added bonus if wanted of Acupuncture. I am a fully qualified and insured in traditional Chinese Acupuncture. A course of treatment to improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

There are many more reasons people come for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - burn-out, loss of direction in life, menopause, period pains, skin conditions or pain. If you would like to find out if I can help you please send me a message.